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Lake Michigan, Chicago

Spring 2010

Critic: Marina Nicollier, SoA University of Illinois at Chicago


The future of gambling is here and finally taking on social responsibility. This proposal allows the gambling industry to payback its patrons through their own addiction. Since it is not in the best interest of the casino industry to cure those who are addicted, they have decided to take on the problems of other industries. They want to better the image of the casino by honing in on problems of manufacturing. Many companies in manufacturing produce vast amounts of carbon dioxide, emissions released from their factories harming the atmosphere. The casinos will bring in these carbon dioxide emissions, transform them and use them to enhance the gambling experience. When the emissions are brought in they are filterered through an algae farm. The algae craves the carbin dioxide from the emissions and in return produces oxygen for the casino. This additional oxygen is released into the casino, keeping the gamblers awake and focused on their game. Lake Michigan, just off the shore of Chicago is an ideal loaction for such a casino. Factories in Chicago provide the necessary emissions to support the algae and large gambling community. The water from the lake is the foundation for the farm and lets the casino meet legal reqirements in Illinois. There is a glorious future for casinos.  

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