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Greensboro, AL

Fall 2009

Critic: Dan Wheeler, SoA University of Illinois at Chicago


Situated in Greensboro, Alabama, this small pavilion was designed with a focus on location. It respects the climate and resources of its locale with careful detail. It is not limited to a single purpose and is open to interpretation by those who use it. The structure is comprised of timber and uses many form of wood in other components. The materials expresses the structure as heavy, warm, and quiet, all natural qualities of wood. The timbers are kept large in size and their weight supports the structure. The wood remains its ntural color, which is a warm honey-gold. The sawdust on the inside also provides warmth in the form of insulation. The structure is exposed on the exterior, layered for the weather. The interior is kept quiet from the natual insulating properties of the wood. 

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